The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the line and into dealership floors. To celebrate this achievement, Chevrolet is releasing the Carbon 65 Special Edition to the Grand Sport.

Only 650 of these vehicles is being offered globally, and we got to drive one. Go us!

Sliding behind the wheel of this sports convertible was like sliding into a perfect fitting piece of clothing. It’s comfortable in ways that many cars just haven’t figured out yet. The seats weren’t seats, they were clouds of awesomeness connected to a road-hungry beast.

Pushing the button to turn over the engine, the guttural 6.2L V8 engine comes alive. Yelling its 460 horsepower into amygdala, activating a slew of good feelings.

The Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition we drove had the Z07 Performance Package (Brembo brakes, PS Cup summer tires, and Z07 tuned suspension) making each corner a gravitational pull on my heart. Each acceleration a monumental “*$#@ Yes” shouted to the car gods (and our Chevrolet rep. passenger), both figuratively (from the engine) and literally (from my lips).

Add to that, the Chevrolet Corvette comes with a manual transmission with shifting action that is a tactile reward, tailor made to please the finger tips and enthusiast brain. The 7-speed transmission is one of the silkiest and easiest to shift that I’ve ever driven.

Of course, Chevrolet has had 65 years to refine their halo vehicle, and it shows in the euphoric feel of the car – from fingertips to eardrums the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Carbon 65 is a fantastic sports car.

Deanna Isaacs the owner, editor-in-chief and lead journalist at The Auto Reporter. She graduated from the University of Washington's Communication department in 2014 with a BA in Journalism. She enjoys sports cars, working on her classic two-seaters and long drives where she can annoy the husband. You can reach Deanna Isaacs using the Contact Us form: