Seattle racing fans may be losing out on some action later this year. According to The Drive, Redbull Global Rallycross (GRC) Seattle rallycross may not be coming back to the northwest this year as it may not come back for 2018 at all. For what was supposed to be the third Seattle GRC event in a row, GRC is now considering not coming to the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe for GRC Seattle.

If you visit the Redbull GRC website, you will still find it intact, except for the events page, which seems to have been scrubbed clean as of this April 19. Evergreen Speedway’s website, the event’s hosting track, still has GRC Seattle as an event on their calendars.

According to Doug Hobbs, Evergreen Raceways owner, Redbull GRC told him to “save the date” even though GRC is going through a “reorganization”. What that reorganization entails is still a mystery, as GRC is rumored to owe thousands of dollars to tracks and cities, according to The Detroit News.

If the GRC does indeed pull its 2018 schedule, it may not have been because of a lack of support in the northwest. Redbull GRC had found success at Evergreen Speedway in the past two years, having the Monroe track become a staple of the GRC calendar in a very short amount of time.

“Its unique combination of high-speed straightaways, banked corners, and a challenging infield dirt section has always produced dramatic racing, especially towards the end of the season,” said GRC CEO Colin Dyne in a press release early in the year.

If the show does go on, it will host a star-studded driver’s lineup, including former F1 Driver Scott Speed, American rally legend Tanner Foust, and Swedish wonderkid Sebastian Erikkson. With this lineup, it’s easy to see why the GRC has stoked so much interest in the Pacific Northwest in the past. Foust, in fact, has won the last two editions of this race. This year, Foust might find something other than the competition getting in the way of his ‘Seattle Hat-Trick’ .

GRC Seattle is tentatively scheduled for September 15 from 12 to 8:30 p.m., one day of racing as opposed to two days of racing previously. It is also supposed to include the new Polaris RZR RS1 racing series.

Stay tuned to The Auto Reporter for more information as the story develops.

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