Note: This article has been republished with permission of Gearbox Magazine. 

We all know that we gearheads come in many different shapes and flavors – some hoon, some engineer, some … some code. Coding to create Teslas inner synapsis or coding to create something different in the online realm where the audiences of Twitter and Facebook are skyrocketing.

We gearheads, much like newborn moms with their baby pictures, spam the incessant crap out of our cars to anyone following our feeds. I’m sure by now many of the people I know have stopped following me, running from all the Mazda-ratti posts.

Now there are online places just for us gearheads, but they mostly follow the same old Web 1.0 forum-style layout. There’s no interactivity, no user friendliness, no likes of Facebook or Twitter for the motor-inclined.

What if, though, there were a place where you could not only share your ride through all its stages of customization or modification, but also network directly with the people that can help you create the car you want or the places and clubs to share your glorious ride with? Where do you get ideas that are not stuck in Web 1.0 format?

And there is the Aha moment of Chariotz…

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