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Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini… of course, you have heard of these exotic, supercar marques that are dreams to drive. However, you don’t have to own these cars in order to have them in your everyday life. You can actually physically wear them everywhere you go with CRASH Jewelry!

Christi Schimpke is the creator of CRASH Jewelry, whose creativity and unique skills have transformed scrap metal into some of the most gorgeous jewelry. From necklaces to earring, handcuffs to cuff links, CRASH is now dominating the market for high quality exotic car jewelry.

Schimpke is a metalsmith by trade and had another successful jewelry business. However, after moving her studio into her husband’s auto body shop a couple years ago, she had a wild idea.

“I watched Porsches, Maseratis, and Lamborghinis with banged-up hoods and scratched doors enter his shop, only to be restored to their gleaming former selves,” Schimpke said. “[And,] I found myself wondering what they did with all of the damaged metal that had to be replaced. [Then,] I was struck by another idea: what if I used my metalworking expertise to create up-cycled jewelry from luxury car metal?”

And that is how the LA-based CRASH Jewelry was born. You can find her jewelry online or on many car enthusiasts around the globe.

“I love that Christi Schimpke can see the beauty in a slab of wrecked metal. Her imagination and craftsmanship are extraordinary,” said Kelly Colbert, a customer via the CRASH Jewelry website. “I have several Crash cuffs, a pair of crash hoop earrings, and even got a ‘his and hers’ pair of Crash rings. And out of all the things I have given him over the years, my man wears his crash cuff and crash ring the most! Her pieces are unique and make a statement: be prepared to chat if you wear them. People always inquire, introverts be forewarned!”

Editor’s Note: During the month of March, Crash Jewelry is donating a portion of its proceeds to Athena Racing, a female-centric STEM and automotive program.

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