The now annual tradition of Days of December Sun has returned to The Auto Reporter’s pages, informing and entertaining readers with 24 vehicles driven during the Run to the Sun event.

Run to the Sun showcases the best and brightest of fast things while driving around Mt. Hood in Oregon. 24 vehicles for 24 automotive journalists and only 2 days to drive them all.

This year, Run to the Sun had some big named contenders, such as the Acura NSX, McLaren 570S and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C – to name a few – along with other vehicles that piqued our interests (Achoo Honda Civic Type-R and Ford Focus RS… sniffle…).

Every weekday in December, there will be a new article surrounding Run to the Sun and its many vehicles. And, of course, there will be pretty pictures to boot! All onsite photography was completed courtesy of Doug Berger, local automotive and track photographer.

This is the month to remember sunny warmth on our shoulders as we careened around corners in supercars, felt the wind rush past our windows as we spent carefree days driving, and heard the collective thousands of horsepower zooming through the vista-filled back roads of Oregon, amazed by nature and vehicularly nurtured.

This… This is the 2017 Days of December Sun. Stay tuned each day for the end of summer remembrance.

Happy Horsepower,
Deanna Isaacs
(AKA your vehicle-Santa)