2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport - 03The 2015 Sonata Sport starts at a base price of $23,175 ($27,560 as driven) and offers economy and fun in one package.

I don’t mean in the ‘let’s go sideways around a corner’ fun – though the Sonata Sport gives a good smile at green lights – I mean in a ‘let’s all pile in and just drive’.

With an EPA highway rating of 35 mpg, 24 city and 28 overall, it’ll be easy to take off and head to where ever the road leads, with plenty of room for everyone.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport - 04There’s head and leg room enough in the backseat for two average adult, but I wouldn’t throw a basketball star back there or stretch that number to three adults – that’ll be a little too close for comfort.

While the seats could be a touch more comfortable, more like the Genesis maybe, they were fully adjustable for the driver including lumbar support. It does come with a telescopic and tilting steering wheel, similarly to the Genesis, which makes the driving position more comfortable for longer drives (or for Seattle traffic).

While driving around Seattle’s curvy roads, enjoy the sport-tuned suspension. Create your own smile at a green light by tapping the gas pedal, sending the 185-hp 2.4L direct injection engine into action.

The tested version came with two added packages, the Premium and Tech packages, well worth the $1,700 each.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport - 05The Premium package came with a Blind Spot Detection System with a rear sensor for cross traffic the driver can’t always see, a hands-free trunk opener for those times a driver is laden with bags, sport seats to help the driver stay in the seat (when going sideways), dual climate control and more.

A leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob gives one a little extra grip, but also a bit more style.

The Tech package comes with a larger, 8-inch touchscreen display, a premium sound system (including sub-woofer and amplifier) from Dimensions, HD radio and more.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport - 19For those with smart phones, the Sonata Sport is compatible with Android Auto, too; a handy way to access information on your phone, but through the car’s displays.

Don’t let me forget the color, either. The Venetian Red color stood out with its undertones of fiery orange. There’s no way anyone could miss this red delight.

Of course, all of that to help you and your passengers get on the road safely and comfortably in the 2015 Sonata Sport.