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The (Buick) Regal way to road trip


DSC00547The average vehicle I drive receives between 200 and 400 miles on the odometer courtesy of The Auto Reporter. The Buick Regal GS was such a great car, I put on more than 770 miles on the car – and I wish it had been more.

This $44,670, all-wheel drive (AWD) sedan-beast offers 259-horsepower from the turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, giving any passenger a smile on their face. I took a retired race-car driver in the Regal and he thought it was a kick in the seat, the smile on his face showcased the honesty of his words.

Because they’re true. This Buick is not the Buick your grandmother drove.

DSC00573Your grandmother’s Buick didn’t have a ‘D’ steering wheel. Your grandmother’s Buick didn’t have the GS button that propels you forward like a rocket. Your grandmother’s Buick didn’t have the responsive Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic transmission that quickly adjusts to the demands of the driver or a suspension that felt this stiff, either. And, as if all that weren’t enough, your grandmother’s Buick didn’t have Brembo Brakes.

And that’s awesome.

DSC00564Sure, it has all the creature comforts, such as OnStar roadside assistance and 4G LTE with built-in wifi capabilities, a Bose stereo system with 9 speakers, an extremely quiet ride and some amazingly comfortable seats.

However, its the little things Buick has paid attention to really set off the ‘Regal’ experience, such as the driver and passenger 8-way adjustable with heated seats that come back on when you start the car back up. The back seats were spacious enough for very tall, adult-sized beings and were comfortable enough to want to take a mid-day nap in, but the best seat is the driver’s.

DSC00558When those roads opened up or you had an onramp, the driver’s seat is where the magic happens. The GS button enables track-oriented settings in the Regal, changing this road-going machine into a beast. Tapping on the gas pedal was like poking a disgruntled GS-bear, eliciting a rocket-like response. Tapping on the brakes is like tearing your face off as the Brembo system halts you in a heartbeat.

The adaptive cruise control was capable at high-speeds with empty roads, but it was brilliant at stop and go traffic, making my trip through evening rush hour traffic in Portland less of a headache.

On the road to Portland, not once did I think ‘Gee, my back kind of hurts’, there were no comments of ‘I could stretch my legs’ and certainly no ‘I wish this thing came with more power’ moments. It was everything expect, and fun to boot.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

DSC00575In fact, there’s only one thing that, in its exuberance for luxury, Buick didn’t think of. When the sun is just right through the windshield, it glints off the reflective pieces around the drive selector. I figured out a quick fix for that by bringing a spare hat, meaning that I would have more than enough fashion options.

For those thinking of buying the Regal, don’t let this small item dissuade you. Take it to your ‘guy’ and have him wrap that part in leather, to match the rest of the interior. You’ll thank yourself.

While Buick has been rebranding it’s image, I think it’s important for them to keep in line with what brings customers back – American-built comfort and luxury at an affordable price.

And they’ve done that and more in the Regal.

Buick has given this sedan a brilliantly rich interior with an infusion from the sports-side of the automotive industry, ensuring all drivers of the 2015 Regal GS feel like royalty.