201505_RAV4_RALLY_MILLEN_02_B03FE47CC35824923F4A0F994CCA8B64A20F3893On May 6, Toyota unveiled it’s newest RAV4 rally car meant for the 2015 Rally America’s 2WD-open class during the Monster Energy Supercross Championships in Las Vegas.

The Rally RAV4 will be driven by Ryan Millen, who took top honors at the 2014 Baja 1000 in a Tundra TRD Pro, with navigator Christina Fate.

“I’ve driven just about everything Toyota has to offer,” said Millen. “And I’ve been very impressed with the RAV4’s tight, compact body and smooth handling. I’m looking forward to putting it through the paces this season.”

Professional competition means that this RAV4 went through a huge rebuild with heavy modifications, along with a considerable diet.

The Rally RAV4 uses the stock transmission and engine – a 2.4L, 4-cylinder, double-overhead cam engine that creates 176HP at 6000 rpms and 172ftlbs of torque at 4100 rpms. However, the crew took out more than 500 pounds of excess (stock) weight to make sure that this car was rally ready. Add to that a roll cage, BFGoodrich all-terrain tires and upgraded TEIN suspension, and you’ve got yourself a rally car.

While the rally upgrades beef it up for off-road capabilities, the RAV4 was originally designed for as a safe and family friendly small-sport utility vehicle (SSUV).

“Over the years, RAV4 has become known more for its benefits as a practical family-vehicle alternative to a larger SUV, and we felt it was due time that its performance and handling characteristics were put on display,” said Alex Du, RAV4 Vehicle Marketing & Communications Manager. “That will undoubtedly be the case with Ryan Millen at the wheel of this incredible Rally RAV4.”

You can see Millen and the Rally RAV4 at upcoming rallies, such as:

  • Idaho Rally – June 13-14
  • Mendocino Rally – July 18-19
  • Rally Utah – August 7-8
  • Gorman Ridge Rally – August 22
  • Prescott Rally – October 2-3
  • Mt Hood Rally – October 17

For more information, please visit www.RallyAmerica.com or www.Toyota.com.

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