1st Generation NSX & 2019 NSX

30 Years Later: Why Have Consumers Rejected the Acura NSX?

In 1990, Acura released a ground-breaking supercar that smashed every preconception of “exotic”. Fast-forward 30 years and the NSX has been struggling in the supercar market; total sales in 2018 was a scant 170 vehicles. The 1990 1st gen model was designed with comfort and reliability in mind, in addition to speed and good handling. “Before […]

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Two days left – Nissan helps restore National Parks

There’s only two days remaining in Nissan’s efforts to help restore the National Parks. Nissan’s campaign, “Calling All TITANS”, ends on Feb. 8. “We have seen that TITAN customers are the kind of people who want to get the job done and leave their world better than they found it,” said Jeremy Tucker, vice president, […]

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