This year, Kia Motors has an electric car zipping along the roads of California with the Kia Soul EV (electric vehicle). I got a chance to test drive the 2015 Kia Soul EV and was impressed with this eco friendly addition to the Kia Family.

The Kia Soul EV is a new fully-electric vehicle in the Kia line-up. With 90 miles of range and tons of space, this car will get you and all your friends to the Seattle nightlife in style!

The Kia Soul EV starts around $35,700 ($36,625 fully optioned). With the Federal EV Tax Rebate, the Soul EV would cost you $26,200 ($29,125  fully optioned) not including taxes. I would suggest the fully optioned package as you get lots of convenient and nice add-ons, including parking assist sensors, cargo cover, and leather seats.

One of the biggest plus to the Kia Soul + versus the base model is the heated front and rear seats. No longer will your kids or friends be jealous of the front seat passenger and the only other heated seat available.

The big question mark is the range (MPG equivalency is about the amount of energy used as a comparative to gas); the Kia Soul EV gets about 90 miles on a full charge. More than enough for a few days driving to work or one trip to the Cascade foothills.

Even if you do get low on battery, the charging ports are located extremely conveniently in the nose of the car; no longer will you worry if the public charger’s cord will be long enough when you do need the emergency recharge.

And the car is seriously eco-friendly. Nineteen of the interior parts have been made with bio-based materials, including the headliner, trim, carpet and internal plastics. And that doesn’t compromise the quality in the least.

The interior feels luxurious and comfortable, large enough for 5 adults to fit comfortably, and meets UL Environmental standards.

You’ll never have to worry about space, either. There’s more than enough head and leg room in this 5-person, 5-door EV. There’s plenty of space in the back with the option to fold down the back seats for those extra-large items.

The Kia Soul EV looks great in the evergreen surroundings of Washington State. With our eco-friendlyness, this car is bound to be a hit in the region.
The Kia Soul EV looks great in the evergreen surroundings of Washington State. With our eco-friendlyness, this car is bound to be a hit in the region.

Personally, I enjoy seeing the Caribbean Blue color among green things…

Green Lake is a good option. At Bastyr University, you’ll find a Level 2 Charger, if you need the added boost post-work, and access to the approximately 42 miles of trails between Saint Edwards Park, Big Finn Hill, and the acres of woods connecting the two parks.

Of course, you have a 90 mile charge, so head out to Mt. Si, Lord Hill, or other trails for outdoors.

…That is, IF it was sold in Washington.

Which comes to my final words to Kia Motors: Please start expanding states that this is sold in. I think this is a great car that many Soul-friendly Seattleites would jump at the opportunity to drive daily.

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