The 2015 Mazda Miata Grand Touring

Note: Deanna Isaacs is an owner of an older model Mazda Miata and makes no efforts to hide what an enthusiast she is about her ‘Mazdarati’. 

The Miata smile reigns supreme during the last sunset of the year.

Mazda’s flagship 2-seat roadster has been one of the top selling convertibles for over two decades, with the newest body style (the ND) unveiled in September. That means that the 2015 Miata is the last of its body style and I got to give a good hurrah for the last New Years’ this car will see as a ‘new car’.

Costing around $29,500 (depending on your kit), the 2015 Mazda Miata comes with 167 hp 4-cylinder engine and gets around 21 to 28 mpg, depending on whether you take it around city streets or highway straights (and whether you drive it like a granny or not…). For those who like an easier drive, the automatic Miata gets 158 hp from the same engine.

And that 167 (or 158) hp sounds absolutely amazing, singing like nothing else.

One can hear all of the rpm’s without much road-noise because of the Power Retractable Hard Top (PHRT) and the uffer it gives occupants from the world around the car. Unlike the soft top, the PHRT cancels out much of the alternate road noise from other cars, tires on pavement, and more, so that you can concentrate on listening to those beautiful horses.

There’s plenty of legroom and headroom inside for the tall or the short, though … any occupants past two may have to try fitting into the trunk.

Speaking of which, the trunk is much more usable than previous models. Since there’s no spare tire in there, merely a tire patching kit, you’ll have room for all your scuba gear, camping gear, hiking gear, brief case and gym cloths or whatever else you need for your day.

The Mazda Miata is the perfect car for two.

There’s only been a few cars that have made me want to upgrade from my current 1996 Miata to another car – the UW Formula motorsports cars (which isn’t road legal, so…yeah…) and the 2015 Miata GT PHRT.

This last use of the ND body style is the perfect way to go out – in style and luxury.

The model The Auto Reporter drove was painted in Meteor Grey Mica with a Spicy Mocha leather interior, an absolutely beautiful combination; though a touch of wood on the interior would have really ‘spiced’ it up a bit.

There were heated seats with comfortable back support, perfect for the longer road trips, and it had SIRIUS radio without the giant, distracting screens. It has keyless entry and Bluetooth hands-free calling…

The only thing the 2015 didn’t do better than my own Miata was top down speed on those glorious days. While my car can do it at a stop light in around four seconds, the 2015 may require you to pull into a parking lot or onto the shoulder to get the deed done.

But, of course, none of that matters with the Miata. What really matters is how it drives, and Mazda ensured that this last NC model would make the Zoom-Zoom enthusiasts happy.

The 2015 model year celebrates the 25 years that Miata has been not just a roadster, but ‘The Roadster’ and there’s nothing better doing a bit of Grand Touring to celebrate the occasion. Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video there to hear those amazing horses I spoke of.

While it has a bit more weight that my current model, it gets up and goes with that same peppy spirit. The 2015 takes corners with ease and normal road bumps and dips like there’s nothing there. Mazda’s stock suspension for the 2015 Mazda Miata gives you a comfortable ride that is sporty when you want it to be.

When I got done with the Grand Tour of Lake Washington, all I wanted to do was start over again, but make it a Grand Tour of Washington, instead. As much as the car seems to come alive on the road, it will make you come alive behind the wheel.

So, if you want an amazingly designed, impeccably engineered, and enjoyable to drive car for less than $30K, look no further than the 2015 Mazda Miata Grand Touring with the PHRT – part of the line that has been the definitive 2-seater roadster for the last 25 years.

The Mazda Miata beacons to the roads that lead us to the far off places.
The Mazda Miata beacons to the roads that lead us to the far off places.