Last we got behind the wheel of the new Lexus LC series, it was the LC 500 H – the all-new performance hybrid luxury sedan. When we first drove it, we commented “the 2018 Lexus LC 500h feels like a day at the spa… on wheels” and that ideal hasn’t changed. So what has? Everything.

And by everything, we mean the engine. Dear god, those sweet sounds emanating from the exhaust of this 471-hp beast is enough to make one’s hair stand on end. Even when surrounded by the sweet high-tones of a McLaren or the guttural back-fires of the Mercedes-Benz AMG, the Lexus LC 500 still meets the auditory needs of car fans.

The 10-speed sport direct shift transmission wasn’t the quickest automatic in the lineup but it was swift. And it felt good through the paddle shifters, too. Braking was face-rippingly good, but what the cornering is where this car shines. If one has the financial backing to pick up one of these $103,150 vehicles, please do us a favor and enjoy it on a road course. Just for us.

And, of course, the interior is elegant and incredibly lavish. The Alcantara-insert seating holds one in place whilst cornering aggressively, but are also supple and welcoming. Once again, there’s an atmosphere of serenity while driving the car; aggressive or docile driving aside, it’s just smooth to drive or be driven in.

The six-figure pricetag puts the Lexus LC 500 in a nice bubble within the Run to the Sun competition. The likes of the Acura NSX, Nissan GT-R and McLaren are around $50k to $75k more than the LC 500 and of those two have two fewer seats (yes, we realize the seats have zero legroom regardless). The other competition in this year’s RTTS line-up were luxury sedans (re: land yachts) that weighted considerably more and cost only around $10,000 less than the LC 500.

Where does that leave the Lexus LC 500? In our dreams and the garages of those who think that this sharp looking, blissful sounding coupe is right for them.


Photographs courtesy of Doug Berger.