We make no pretenses about the love we feel for our NA Miata, and that same kind of care-free joy in driving can be had in the all-new Mazda Miata RF.

Yes, nearly everything else at Run to the Sun pulled away from the Miata in the straights. Yes, there were several that pulled away from the Miata in the corners. Yes, nearly everything had more horsepower.

It seems like I’m just dogging the Miata, but, in reality, it’s the lack of pretenses that makes the Miata great. Does Mazda care about the fact that the highest horsepower car had more than 600-hp on the RF? Nope. And for that we thank them.

Instead, of being the top in power, they’ve chosen to work on 50/50 weight distributions and roadster lifestyles. And it’s working in spades.

The newer RF makes it easier to talk to the person next to you, even with the top down. Occupants still get the top down experience (wind in hair, et. al.), without noisy driving many soft-tops models are known for. The RF’s back window acts as a wind barrier, making the interior less windy and more quiet.

The 2.0L Skyactive engine was revving high the entire time we had it, but I wasn’t pushing the car to keep bumper-to-bumper. That’s not what Miatas are about (unless they’re Spec Miatas). Instead, the Mazda Rep and I spoke about the timelessness of Miatas and the enjoyable experience the 6-speed manual gearbox gives drivers.

It’s a complete roadster package for the working person, a daily-driveable convertible that’s exceptionally fun to drive.