Dodge is unleashing an unprecedented amount of horsepower in their most recent vehicles, such as the Hellcat and Demon. Now its throwing copious amounts of horsepower into the Dodge Durango SRT 392, and we like that.

The Dodge Durango SRT 392 is a guttural beast with a 475-horsepower, 6.4L V8 SRT Hemi under the hood that blasts occupants from zero to sixty in less than 5 seconds (according to many outlets… we had no stopwatches counting).

It felt less like a large, suped-up SUV and more like a rocket-ship pushing us into the thinner atmosphere of Mt. Hood’s higher elevations.

While the engine is a monster, the interior is nicely refined with leather and heated/ventilated front seats. It has a Beats Audio System that kept us bumpin’ along our leg around Mt. Hood with old school rock tunes from the 60s and 70s (courtesy of SiriusXM radio).

In 2017, NWAPA introduced high-horsepower or sporty SUVs into the Run to the Sun mix of vehicles. The Dodge Durango SRT 392, along with other SUVs, absolutely fit into the fast (vehicles), cool roads mentality.

With the windows down, and the wind in our hair, the Dodge Durango SRT 392 took us on a fun and amazingly quick run through sunny days and mountain roads. On a different note, the Dodge Durango SRT 392 doesn’t have to go into hibernation when it’s too snowy or cold for summer-oriented vehicles.

Dodge’s current horsepower-binging insanity translates well into the world of SUVs, with the Dodge Durango SRT 302 being a fun to drive, high-horsepower SUV.