It was great weather for the 2018 NissanFest, held April 21 to 22 at Evergreen Speedway. The annual event, presented by Northwest Nissans, draws plenty of crowds to view cars, drifting and enjoy some good times with friends.

“The weather is probably our biggest challenge. It can make a great day turn pretty terrible in an instant, said Gaelen Norman, Head of Northwest Nissan. “Other than that the entire event is organized by volunteers and that has its own challenges associated with it.”

Northwest Nissans is the largest Nissan community in the PNW and boasts more than 20,000 members.

“Nissan’s are special to me because of the people in the community,” Norman said. We have been holding meets and events for 15-[plus] years and the people are what makes all the late nights worth while.”

While they host and sponsor many events throughout the year, NissanFest is unique – it has a combination of tire-slaying drifting and a family-friendly car show. Some motors took a beating too hard, and are now knocking, but nobody is answering except the replacement engine just waiting to get in that bay.

“NissanFest is a fun show where [there’s] not only drifting, but there is also a car show with some of the top cars in the Pacific [NW],” said Nate Snyder, attendee of NissanFest and member of Daddy Day Care drift team. “There isn’t any other shows around here that do drifting and a car show at the same venue. So, going to NissanFest was a no-brainer.”

For Snyder, it was about spending time with the drift community and family; exposing his son, Hayden, to a little Nissan-flavored car culture and auto community.

“The kids thought the cars were awesome. Especially the little girl rollin around in the Lamborghini power wheels car (under adult supervision, obviously),” Snyder said.

Snyder drives an S14 usually, though he drove an S13 in the last races, while Tory drifts a ‘93 Mustang.

While the 2018 NissanFest was enjoyment for nearly all involved, it’s gone until next year. Those wanting to join Northwest Nissans or volunteer at NissanFest, please visit


Thomas Owens is the founder of the PNW Custom Coupes & Sedans. He drives a ‘98 Ford Escort Zx2 and enjoys meeting people in the car community enjoy tinkering with customs. Originally from Andrews, Tx., Owens moved to the Seattle-area in 1995 during Sea-fair weekend. The kinds of events he likes most are those where all vehicle makes and models are welcome, not just muscle cars or exotics. To reach Thomas Owens, please email [email protected].