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Photographic galleries

As such, we’ve remade parts of our site to better showcase the amazing and unique photographs of The Auto Reporter’s resident photographer, Robert. He works hard so that each vehicle has unique visuals for the site and his works should be give their due justice.

In our updated menu, you can now find “Photos” which will take you to a reel of our galleries. While the current set isn’t every single photo we’ve taken to date, we have taken the time to accumulate dozens of galleries with hundreds and hundreds of photographs for your viewing pleasure.


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Unique Content found nowhere else

The Auto Reporter is committed to creating unique content that you’ll find nowhere else on the internet. Whether it’s a fresh perspective on a new vehicle’s review or a local car show or meetup that the big names in news or automotive content don’t cover, The Auto Reporter has our local car content covered.


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Support Local Journalism

Which brings me to a plea: We run mainly off advertising. We bring you distinctive automotive content for free and have asked for nothing in return, until now.

We’d love it if you would allow our ads through. They will never block your view of our site and will not intrude in your reading experience. Our ads will only ever be banners that don’t invade your space and only cover the cost of our hosting expenses.

That’s it.


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Our promise to our readers

If our readers can find it in their hearts to unblock ads for our site, we can continue to bring you more new content. Advertising dollars are put right back into the site.

We’d love to host an events calendar so local auto enthusiasts can find the exact meetup they’re looking for. We’d love to host a forum for like-minded and road-ready Pacific Northwest drivers and vehicle owners. We really want to host The Auto Reporter events, such as group meetups and TAR Car Shows.

But we can’t do that without the support of our readers!


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The Reporter loves bringing you the latest local news, really cool car reviews, and new features that enhance the user experience on our website. We hope that you’ll not only enjoy the content we publish, but also continue to support your local automotive journalists with clicks (and unblocked ads).

Head over to The Auto Reporter’s new Photo Galleries page and get ready for more exclusive content!

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