Our time with the Audi RS 7 was brief but memorable. Mostly because we’ve rarely sat within such fine interiors.

Of course, the Audi RS 7 starts at an MSRP of $110,700 – a price that demands the top of the line everything. With all the carbon fiber bits, cold weather packages, advanced Bang & Olufsen sound system and more, we’re willing to bet that price tag was much higher.

The exterior looks no-nonsense executive, but the engine turning on says ‘Yes Please’ to all the vehicular nonsense that can be had. The sport exhaust gave a mean note from the 4 liter V8 engine. Did the price tag matter? Nope, not at that moment.

Instead, we elegantly turned out onto the street and hustled up to speed in quite a hurry.

There was no hurry on the interior, though. The Valcona leather interior was sumptuous to sit in, the bolstering hugging us like we were delicate porcelain. We had a choice with 12-way adjustable seating with plenty of customization for lumbar support.

The infotainment system was intuitive and well-connected. Standard is a Bose 14-speaker system, but these events rarely have anything ‘standard’.

Carbon fiber tidbits are standard, but there are also additional carbon fiber bits. We had all of the carbon fiber bits and it made us feel special.

While other cars had been tune for power or speed, this was made plush comfort with unparalleled refinement. And it drove like unparalleled refinement, too. It may be a pompous mobile, but it does so very quickly.