The Auto Reporter is a syndicated column created by Deanna Isaacs, an automotive journalist, and her automotive photographer husband, Robert Isaacs.

From car meetups to owner features, from new car reviews to gratuitous car photo galleries, The Auto Reporter aims to bring all the PNW car news into one place. The Auto Reporter encompasses anything automotive in the greater Puget Sound region.

Deanna Isaacs is the owner of a 1996 Mazda Miata M-Edition and spent time getting to know curvy roads in Northern Japan; specifically Misawa in the Aomori prefecture. She fell in love with road trips as a kid, the people to go with as a young adult and the machines that takes us there – now that she can afford one.

Robert Isaacs owns a 1993 Toyota MR2, spending years getting to know a ’94 model year version of the car on the curvy Japanese roads near Misawa, and two Triumphs (a ’68 GT6 and a ’59 TR3). He has trained as a professional photographer, has been taking photographs for more than 14 years, 3 of those years on autos. He also loves getting greasy in car engine bays.

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