Located around 30 miles south of Seattle, in the city of Tacoma, flourishes North America’s largest auto museum, but LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM) is not just about showcasing the cars that have hit American streets – it’s about history and the future.

Currently the ACM is showcasing a select few items at the Seattle Auto Show, such as a beautiful Ford Mustang, part of the Masters’ of Mustang exhibit currently open in their Tacoma campus.

The museum can be a time capsule – showcasing the ways that auto design has been impacted by the needs of the people and how people have been impacted the industry.

“The F-Series is a bellwether of cultural change in the U.S.,” said Scot Keller, chief curator of ACM. “’The Truck That Grew Up with America’ tells the story of how the F-Series was originally designed to be a work tool and how it evolved into a family vehicle and luxury car for the working class.”

The exhibit “The Truck that Grew Up with America” will open in 2015, but you can look at the classic F-Series at the LeMay booth and the current F-Series at the Ford booth at the Seattle Auto Show.

Furthermore, the museum is a place of learning. Partnered with the Hagerty Education Foundation, the ACM enables young adults a hands-on learning experience for those students desiring to learn classic car restoration.

“Transmitting the skills necessary for the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of vintage vehicles is central to preserving our automotive heritage,” said David Madeira, president and CEO of LeMay – America’s Car Museum.

Since June 2012, the American Car Museum has been both a place for auto-enthusiasts to share their passions, but also a place of education. To learn about America’s past and to foster its future.

Take a sneak peak at what’s inside the ACM at this weekends Seattle Auto Show, going on now at CenturyLink Field.