Ghoul's Gambol car dash plaque, 2018. Rally. The Auto Reporter.

Whisker’s Big Day at the Ghouls Gambol Rally

For over 50 years, Ghosts, Goblins, Spooks, Spirits, the Dead, the Undead, and even those that WISHED they were dead, have returned to haunt the Cascade Sports Car Club (CSCC) Halloween Rally. Like many road rallies today, it carries a rich history (some may say long and varied). Decorative dash plaques can be found in […]

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Russ and Garth on a transit section.

GUEST | Fun with Cars; a Winter Rally Adventure

Story by Paul Eklund, Photos by Yulia Smolyansky Outside: Jim’s breath is visible. It hangs in the cold mountain air as a cloud, then dissipates with his next breath. He draws the air in slowly. With temperatures this low, it can sting both throat and lungs. It is silent in the woods. Only the occasional […]

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