Today, I band wagoned the huge hype over Back to the Future Day by stopping by the DeLorean Motor Company Bellevue (Northwest) location. I was expecting, of course, to find a few DeLoreans, what I wasn’t expecting was a replica of the second movie’s time-traveling variant. Win!

DeLorean 2 (1)Back in 1985, Back to the Future (BTTF) inspired a new generation to new geeky heights and spawned a cult following. It also propelled the DeLorean, created by John DeLorean, to new heights. This ultimate in car-renovations drove its way into our hearts.

But it’s one of the dates it showcased that has fans of BTTF up in arms today, it’s the day that showed up on the time dial – we are in ‘The Future’.

Of course, my future was at the DMC Northwest store, located at 12766 Bel-Red Rd. in Bellevue.

DeLorean 4 - CopyThe first time I dropped by was on assignment for work (taking pictures of a DeLorean with a #DrivePink plate from AutoNation on it, check), the second time was a thank you, but it was me who got the treat.

I brought one #DrivePink plate for the owner of DMC Northwest, Toby Peterson, whom I’ve met on a few occassions.

I wanted to also thank the owners of the Flux Capacitor’d DeLorean for allowing me to use their car for the impromptu photo opportunity by giving them a Pink Plate. Not that they’d known of it, but that’s ok.

Little did I know, the owner was a survivor of breast cancer. When Judith saw the new pink plate, she was delighted. Positively beaming with joy. And it made me happy to be able to provide her with that.

Judith had a DCIS, a ductal carcinoma, and had underwent chemo therapy. Though, she was free and clear now.

I told her then and I’ll say it again: “Congrats!”

Of course, they had dropped by DMC Northwest to take their DeLorean on a BTTF Day drive. So, we parted ways and they drove off toward Redmond.

As for the car… This particular DeLorean is up for sale, on consignment at DMC Northwest.

So, if you – on this Most Futuristic of Day – really need to own a replica DeLorean complete with Mr. Fusion ‘energy reactors’ that (I’m told) spit out smoke upon command can be yours. For more information, please visit today, before the future is GONE!

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