It was late on a Saturday afternoon and we suddenly found ourselves with nothing to do. I did a quick search online and, well, we found ourselves in Monroe enjoying the bumping sounds and imaginative sights of Hot Import Nights held at Evergreen Raceways.

This bi-yearly event offers a place for tuners of all kinds of vehicles show their unique rides to the world… or at least the local Puget Sound area.

I grabbed my best buddies, the keys to a loaner 2016 Mazda3 (which we enjoyed greatly on the backroads between Lake Stevens and Monroe), and headed off to see what HIN had to offer.

Though, since we got there relatively early, it wasn’t really Hot Import ‘Nights’, but more like Hot Import Days… Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves.

The smell of burning rubber, the sound of howling engines, and the cheer of the crowd was only overpowered by the bassline drop of the DJ. The girls were dancing, the guys were breakdancing, and the beat was hot.

So was the beautiful clear day, but that’s beside the point.

The point was walking around and seeing a Domo-kun Miata, a couple with a pair of MR2s, kitted out Ferrari 458, and even original Nissan GT-R.

Hot Import Nights offered plenty of car show goodness and, when you finished touring the field, you could sit back and watch those racing around the track.

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.
Photo Credit: Robert Isaacs