There’s car clubs for Nissan owners, for track dayers, for autocrossers. There are clubs by location and clubs by era. And most of them are brimming with men of all ages, yet few women (other than “that guy’s wife”).

Jamei June is changing that with Beauty & Keys, a new outlet devoted to beauty tips and our fascinating wheels. And it’s just what this area was missing.

“I’m amazed at the response that I have had within the female car community,” June emphasized. “Within one week, it was at capacity.

She’s been into the car community for a while and has tried to do her part to promote drives with other female Ferrari owner,s but it wasn’t enough for her.

“I started with just a couple gals driving their Ferraris and, from that, it’s expanded into this full event at The Shop,” June said. “It’s been amazing.

June plans on doing drives, beauty tips and launches, reviews, track and rally days, and more. With the hopes of wooing old car community souls and burgeoning enthusiasts. Enthusiasts like Courtney Hawkings, a product integrity specialist at SanMar.

The Beauty & Keys launch event was her first automotive event ever, and she felt nerve-wracked. She’s the owner of a Hyundai Elantra GT Sport and, yes, it has a 6-speed manual transmission.

“I’m a fan of muscle cars,” Hawkins said. “But I also love the Italian style, Like Ferrari.”

Sitting in a BMW M5 at the Beauty & Key's launch at The Shop - The Auto Reporter

She’d signed up for an Avants event, but didn’t show due to the overwhelming amount of men (and the perception that there wouldn’t be many other women).

“I didn’t want to be that girl that just shows up not knowing what to do and not knowing anybody,” Hawkins said. Those in Avants connected her with the Beauty & Keys events.

That night, she was able to connect with women who were into the same wheeled wonders that she was. Friending them on Facebook, and even getting to sit in a Ferrari out front.

Winner of the BMW for a week, DirtFish worker smiles for the camera at Beauty & Key's launch at The Shop - The Auto Reporter

During the course of the night, a ticket was drawn for week-long experience with the BMW X7 parked outfront. A number was drawn. Sami Dallas, Admin/HR at DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie, got a week with the german SUV.

“Seriously, I’m elated. I never win anything,” Dallas said.

Dallas grew up watching Nascar, WRC, and F1 with her parents. She never wanted to race herself, but enjoyed motorsports in general. She’s part of a Mini club with a fellow DirtFish employee, She also enjoys autorcros, trackdays, and HPDE events.

“You know what’s funny? Michelle Miller, who is our instructor, is constantly trying to get us women from DirtFish together for some kind of women empowerment event, and we can never make it work. This is the first one that we were able to do.”

She’s looking at getting into rally, because… why not? Though, not during or with the BMW during her tryst. Though whichever vehicle she chooses to replace the gremlins can be brought to future Beauty & Keys events.

“I really want to build a sense of community,” June finished. “That’s the whole point is that women can come, no matter what they’re driving, and feel like they’re part of a car community that is all about female empowerment.”

June gave a special shoutout to Matthew Bell of The Shop for the space for the first Beauty & Keys event. Check out Beauty & Key’s Facebook page, and check out June’s review of the BMW X7, too!