TVR_blue_gray1000Yesterday, The Auto Reporter released information about the return of TVR – a legendary, independent auto manufacturer established in 1947. Well, … there’s more to the story that we first thought.

According to Adam Forshaw, a representative at Torque PR group working with TVR, the initial run of TVR production will be 100% right-hand drive (RHD). That was expected, but, he then goes on and starts talking my language.


“However, the plan provides for development of a LHD [left-hand drive] variant for export markets, and the architecture of the car has been designed to facilitate this (as well as some foreign market crash test considerations),” Forshaw said.

Red_TVR_Sagaris1000The crash test considerations is a big thing as, in TVR’s previous productions, the cars couldn’t pass NTHSA crash safety tests in order to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) stamps of approval for importing.

That TVR is already working on potential expansion with specific focus foreign market crash testing will satisfy a swath (small as it may be) of people State-side that want to see TVR tires gliding along American pavement.

According to Forshaw, TVR sees the North American automotive market as important for TVR’s cars and are looking into expanding sales to American shores in the future.

So, fellow car nuts… Who wants a TVR?

(Hint: I do.)