2018 LA Auto Show reveals how to go faster

Are you the sort of person that asks for three espresso shots in your Americano in the morning? Or maybe you’re the person that says “5 stars” to the waiter regardless of what type of restaurant you go to? If this sounds like you, then Mercedes brought just the car you need at the 2018 […]

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CamaroCon revs-up Chevy Fans in the Cali sun

Sunlight broke the horizon early Saturday morning as almost two dozen Camaros tore across the 15 North in form. Their destination – Camaro Con in Temecula, Cali., – where members of HeadTurners Car Club of San Diego represented their group with a sample of 916 Camaros and Firebirds. The HeadTurners’ hour-long commute paled in comparison […]

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2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Picturama

We had the opportunity to check out the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show this year and got to check out thousands of beautiful vehicles sparkling under the spot lights. While there, we took well over a thousand photographs, but many were for my coverage through Trucks.com. Of those that didn’t head over there, we’ve given […]

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