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Martis’ passion for cars started in Kuwait at a young age. Surrounded by those with oil-money and a father who was a mechanic at Kuwait Air Base (his mother a teacher), young Martis grew up motor-headed.

“My dad being a mechanic, I was really into mechanical stuff – in fact I became a big fan of planes and cars – and just seeing all those cars, I fell in love with a few brands,” Martis said.

With the likes of BMW 635CSi, Buick Riviera, and Datsun 240’s driving around his neighborhoods, how can one not begin to feel a little something. The correct answer is: they can’t. They will inevitably become infatuated.

“I grew up just admiring those cars, loving them, staring at them,” said Martis. “That’s really how I got addicted to cars in general.”

With Martis’ addiction firmly in place, he obtained an undergrad degree in Engineering, a master’s in electrical engineering, and a master’s in business. After working for the likes of Intel and other technological companies, Martis needed a change that aligned with the happinesses in his life.

“When I left [my last company], I realized that life was too short and I wanted to do something that bridged what I had the background in, the experience in, as well as the knowledge I had with something I had a passion about, which happened to be cars.”

Along with his trusted friend and business partner, Wilfred Martis and Murgesh Navar polished Chariotz to a shine and then started marketing to local area (Californian and Arizonan) shops.

And the reception was extremely welcome.

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