Many people may look at it and think that it’s just a place for shops to show off what they can do – and they’d be partially right. Where they are wrong is that many of the shops are doing this on order – it’s gearheads requesting this work. 

From bald eagles painted on hoods to Jaguar-inspired vans – this is a world for gearheads to share their inspirations.

Chariotz is also a story about the multitudes of enthusiast types out there – from aesthetic to performance, from custom to classic, purist to… not so pure – it’s all there.

So, most of the shops are in California or Arizona, it is also a website in its infancy. One with the potential to grow with as many sub-cultures there are within the auto community.

I’ve already found a few items that inspire me as a story teller. I’d love to follow a Florida Restoration shop or find the story to that crazy Jag-Van (I love to reference this thing, because it just makes me smile – thanks Wilfred for that tidbit to look for!).

Each photo has a unique story – it’s not just a build, but someone’s future – their investment, their passion, their desire made real.

Their Chariot which awaits them.

Besides the required geographical expansion – currently only in California, Florida, Arizona (Driggs will be happy), and a few odd samplings of other areas – the thing this site needs most is more gearheads.

Chariotz needs the drifters, the modifiers, the classic purists, the performance racers, the hoonigans at large, the car enthusiasts from around the world to unite and help create a world where we can share that which makes our hearts sing.

Which is where the journalistic integrity gets thrown out the window and the call to action begins.

This site can be what you make it. Whether you’re into monster trucks or mad-fast or makes people laugh – this site will be what you put into it.

LIKE. THE. Mazdaratti – now. Everyone should like the Mazdaratti… Its inevitable. Resistance is futile. Like it. Credit: Screen Capture

The Mazda-Ratti is already proudly displayed on Chariotz for the world to see – along with the upgrades she’s gotten along the way (which are few other than the outdoors themed accessory that dominates my car). See it, Share it, Love it. Like it, too, she’s feeling lonely.

With enough elbow grease we can make it bigger. We can make Chariotz into the world’s online car show, where people can interact, find what they like or dislike, and meet the community at large.

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