(Note: This article has been republished with permission from Gearbox Magazine, www.gearboxmagazine.comgbxm.tumblr.com)

Many people may look at Chariotz and think that it’s just a place for shops to show off what they can do – and they’d be partially right. Where they are wrong is that many of the shops are doing this on order – it’s gearheads requesting this work.

From bald eagles painted on hoods to Jaguar-inspired vans – this is a world for gearheads to share their inspirations.


This ‘Jag-van’ was created for a customer of Fabbit Customs, in North Carolina, who just wasn’t happy with the lack of Jag-esque designs and luxury. And it’s EPIC! Credits: Fabbit Customs

Chariotz is also a story about the multitudes of enthusiast types out there – from aesthetic to performance, from custom to classic, purist to… not so pure – it’s all there.

So, most of the shops are in California or Arizona, it is also a website in its infancy. One with the potential to grow with as many sub-cultures there are within the auto community.

I’ve already found a few items that inspire me as a story teller. I’d love to follow a Florida Restoration shop or find the story to that crazy Jag-Van (I love to reference this thing, because it just makes me smile – thanks Wilfred for that tidbit to look for!).

Each photo has a unique story – it’s not just a build, but someone’s future – their investment, their passion, their desire made real.

Their Chariot which awaits them…

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