On May 24, the Cruise on Colby Avenue took over Everett, Wash., with classic cars, movie car-icons and just some plain cool cars.

“If I had to guess, I would say 100 [or more],” said Danielle McClory, a cruise purviewer. “We saw  Corvettes, Mustangs, El Caminos, and an entire line of VW bugs and buses, and so many older cars, 50’s or earlier, that I don’t know the names of.”

Organized by Seattle Rod-Tiques, the event is meant to further the club’s mission of family fun, spreading community awareness by raising funds for various charities, and for promoting car and driving safety.

“The Seattle Rod-Tiques car club over the years has donated thousands of dollars to Campfire USA; Providence Hospice; Children’s Hospital and Medical Center; Snohomish Food Bank and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Explorers. In 2008 we added a new charity: Burned Children Recovery Foundation,” the club’s website states.

20150524_141913Set on Memorial Day Weekend, the Cruise on Colby Avenue is a public event that hosts more than 400 cars a year, many sporting their ‘Saturday’ best for the show.

“There was a bright purple car that I didn’t know the name of but I loved the color,” McClory said. “Also a car that had red and white interior (seats, dashboard, and steering wheel) to match the red and white paint and detailing on the outside. That attention to detail really upped the wow factor of an already beautiful car.”

For those that go, it’s mostly about the fun and seeing the things they rarely get to see.

“I like to see all of the cars in one place and the people who own and love them love to talk about their passion. The muscle cars are my favorites,” McClory said. “I will go again because I love the unique cars that you don’t see very often. The owners are always fun to talk to and it’s neat to hear other people’s stories of this and that car when they were younger.”

For more information about next year’s Cruise on Colby Avenue or to check out the Seattle Rod-Tiques, please visit http://seattlerod-tiques.com/.

(Photo Credit: Danielle McClory)