DSC00621Sometimes, it’s not the road you take or the people you go with, but the thing you take on the road. That’s the 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI SEL – the turbo atop the 1.8L 4-cylinder makes this hatch a destination on its own instead of just the means to get there.

The $29,905 Golf TSI SEL is a partial zero emissions vehicle (PZEV), so one can head out into the world with a clean eco-friendly conscious while still having some fun. And, since it’s a 5-door, there’s no worries about having friends trying to squeeze into the back of your hot-hatch.

DSC00634I grabbed my best friend and we hit the corners. And, this car really likes corners.

Not in the ‘I feel like this is dangerous’ kind of liking corners, but the ‘this is a hoot’ kind of liking corners. Speed limits provide smiles, city driving becomes something fun, not tedious, and the VW Golf comes alive.

It sounds great, too. The 1.8L engine has direct injection and a turbo, putting the TSI (turbocharged stratified injection) into the TSI SEL.


I enjoyed many miles with the windows rolled down and the turbo spooling my smile with every gas tap. The 6-speed automatic transmission was peppy and the flappy paddles were fun to use, enhancing the driver’s experience.

DSC00653Boasting a Fender sound system, the Golf TSI SEL gives an audio experience that doesn’t just include bass, but the highs and lows of music, too. It comes with the normal slew of apps and abilities, including Sirius satellite radio, bluetooth and navigation, among others.

The seats are adjustable (power for the driver and manual for the front passenger) and both front seats are heated and have lumbar support.

DSC00642For years, I’ve heard of the fun driver-centered experience that Golf bring to the table – mostly speaking of the revered GTI or TDI. The TSI SEL has that same spirit, but toned down a little.

While it’s GTI big brother boast horsepower that breaches 200, the TSI SEL has a moderate 170hp. Not to say that 170hp isn’t more than enough for this bag of fun, in fact, it’s just right.

I am fond of the drive around Lake Washington, but this time it wasn’t about the drive itself, but the turbo that took me there.

I’d take the 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI SEL on any drive, any day and love every second of it.