The All-British Field Meet (ABFM) is an annual summertime occurrence at Saint Edwards Park celebrating everything related to British Motoring. From old to new, local car club members brought out their best and boldest of British vehicles to the table.

“It’s a very busy day for everyone who is involved, of course, it’s a lot of volunteers that have come together to put this on. It’s our 28th annual show, but it’s the first time it’s a truly volunteer operation,” said Glen Chouinard, Director of the ABFM. “It’s great! We’ve got just under 400 cars registered, all kinds of British makes and marks, along with some specialty cars. It’s amazing the range of British cars that we have here.”

And it was a beautiful day for the show. While it had rained a bit in the morning, the British cars were shining under the sun by the time the show started. All 400 entrants were shined and ready to go.

While some vehicles brought to the car show were as stock as the day they left the factory others were equipped with fewer original equipment manufacturer parts. One such vehicle was a British car with an American V8 under the hood.

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“I had another MG at home and originally I was going build a mid-engine kit car and use the V8 in that, but the kit car company went out of business. I started looking for another car to put the V8 in and I found this one,” said Bill Jacobson owner of a 1973 MGB with a supercharged V8 (which was carbureted from ’83 until around 2010). It’s now a supercharged V8 after he found one to rebuild. “I like a fabrication challenge… but it looked like it would work. I’m pretty happy with it.”

2016 All-British Field Meet Kenmore_74Wander around the grounds of Saint Edwards long enough and you may have caught a glimpse of a 1965 Kirkham Cobra replica. This polished aluminum vehicle was created by two brothers out of Utah who bought an AC Cobra then built replicas out of an old MiG factory, stuffing 427 engines under the hood.

While all these cars joined into one place is a gearheads dream, it also benefits a cause. The All British Field Meet fundraises for Food Lifeline, a local non-profit organization committed to providing food to the less fortunate. Each dollar raised at the ABFM corresponds to donations to Food Lifeline.

If you missed this year’s All-British Field Meet, don’t forget to check out next year’s show (a stable of summer in Kenmore).

This article was originally published on the Bothell-Reporter website and has been republished with permission.