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Bothell Car Show (30 of 51)The eighth annual car show known as Hot Rods, Hot Dogs & Motorcycles (HRHD&M) rolled into the parking lot of the First Lutheran Church in Bothell on June 27.

The show, which is co-sponsored by the First Lutheran Church, Life-Celebrations by Washelli and Aegis (who brought flavored waters), gathers donations for Hopelink, which helps homeless or low-income families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities within the community.

Bothell Car Show (17 of 51)“We’re happy for the turnout, it’s a good day; there’s other big car shows in the Seattle area going on today, but ours is the local community alternative and we’re happy to see people support a great cause like HopeLink,” said Dale Amundsen, co-hosts of HRHD&M and is ceremony master for the church and Washelli.

Hopelink served more than 8,000 clients across the Eastside and Northshore in 2014 alone.

Bothell Car Show (10 of 51)“People are happy to do this, they might pay a lot of money for other car shows,” Amundsen said. “But here, we feed them for free, it’s good outreach… and we’re just happy to do this. Money they would have spent on a car show is diverted to Hopelink.”

For those at the HRHD&M car show, not only was the event about helping the local community, and eating free popcorn, but also finding more of the local car community, too.

Bothell Car Show (37 of 51)“I think car shows are a way to celebrate history,… and cars are a way we mark our history,” Amundsen said. “It’s just a lot of fun to celebrate our history and artistry of a well-built restored car, it’s a labor of love and it’s great to celebrate that kind of thing.”

For others in the community, it’s a way to see things not normally seen on the roads.

“Well, usually since I’m younger and the newer version of cars, you see those every day, but we don’t get to see the older cars,” said Hunter Adams of Bothell. “I’m happy I got to see the older cars and how well people take care of their cars.”

Bothell Car Show (26 of 51)From old pre-war coupes to muscle cars to a hydroplane, the HRHD&M car show had a little for everyone and, in the end, they raised food and funds for the needy.

“Once we announced it people thought it was a great idea,” Amundsen said.

Plans for next year’s show and donation drive for Hopelink are already underway.

Bothell Car Show (27 of 51)“We just love the community, it’s a great place, we appreciate the community support and we’re happy we can engage the community in helping Hopelink,” Amundsen said. “And it’s fun. Fun is kind of the frosting on the cake.”

The totals in food and funds donated has not yet been counted.

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