We at The Auto Reporter have goals. Not only are we continually listening to our users to hear about what they’d like to see covered, but we’re also continually working on our user features. This week, we’re introducing our Events Calendar.

We hear a lot in the forums we’re part of “What’s going on this weekend?” calls for event ideas. Well, we’re here to help alleviate this and ensure everyone can find an event in which they want to take part.

The calendar itself is viewable to anyone on the internet. Users can customize their view by month, week, day, and list; though we’ll be the first to admit that our program’s Map function isn’t working as expected (fear not, we’re on this…).

People who go to the events are also able to come back and rate or comment on those events, building event communities more.

When going to submit an event to our calendar users will notice that they have to login with a social media account. This is for security purposes and for tracking the events. Users will be able to edit their events based on their login, keeping their events safe from shenanigans.

Just as other features at The Auto Reporter, we encourage feedback and commenting. If you have problems with the events calendar, please let us know by emailing us via our Contact page and we’ll be sure to respond quickly.