In the world of the outdoors, there’s two kinds of photographers: those with DSLR’s who head in with their tripods, accessories, and 18 batteries, and there’s those that hike in with a point-and-shoot or their cell phones.

There is nothing wrong with either – those with DSLR’s may get better photos, but those with cell-cameras have become unburdened with gear. Though, one of the problems with the latter is that there must always be someone behind the camera to take the picture – until now.

CaseCam is a new iPhone case with a built-in tripod – the World’s most compact mobile device tripod, according to CaseCam’s site and Kickstarter page – and an accompanying app for remote photo-taking.

The brainchild of Justin Cicero, CaseCam started with the idea of having everyone in the family photo – even the appointed photographer. Set CaseCam on any surface, line up the family, hop in the photo, and remote trigger the shutter. Now everyone is in the photo.

“With CaseCam’s Bluetooth pairing and screen sharing, our photos will always look the way we want and with everyone included in the picture,” said Cicero on CaseCam’s website. “We want our kids and our grandkids to look back at these photos and see that we were all there together.”

In order to bring his idea together, Cicero went to Craigslist for the design and manufacturing experience. Enter Garett Ochs, co-Founder of CaseCam and staff mechanical engineer at Planetary Resources (most notable for asteroid mining and other space exploration technologies), who had the abilities to get it done.

“I started working on the design very shortly after we were working together,” said Ochs. “I had expressed enough interest in growing the business with him that that eventually became the partnership that it is today.”

Cicero’s idea and Ochs’ designs will be bringing everyone in the picture because of the mirror, built into the CaseCam stand, which projects the image onto the iPhone’s camera. The associated application automatically adjusts your photo to the correct viewing perspective, but also comes with other camera-musts.

For solo shutter-bugs, there is a timer to ensure that your photo isn’t taken without you in it, while for group photos, the app comes with the ability to connect to a friend’s iPhone or iPad and both see and take the photograph remotely.

“I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve thought, ‘I could really use one of those CaseCams right now…’,” said Joe Tobin, a funder of the project, in comment August 3. “Let’s get this thing funded!”

For the nature inclined, it may make those outdoors-selfies just a little more inclusive of the outdoors. Find your vista, find a log near said vista, set your camera down and show the world what or where you’ve stumbled across this time.

Edit your photo in the CaseCam app and even upload it to your preferred social media, all from one place.

While devoted outdoors photographers will most likely still carry around the 30 pounds of photo and video gear, CaseCam offers a great way for the rest of us to get the photos we want to be in with things we already carry around in our pockets.

For those without iPhones, CaseCam is already looking into the feasibility of Android and Windows phone expansion.

If you want to help out with the Kickstarter, now is the time to do so – there’s only 4 days left to raise the last $4,000 needed to finish the initial product. For more information see their website,, or their Kickstarter,