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Issaquah Car Shows Shine in the Rain

Even on a day when rain was expected, people came out in droves for two Issaquah Car Shows!


Every weekend during the summer, the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in on Gilman Boulevard in Issaquah hosts a themed car show. This past weekend, it was the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America that took the stage.

The display outside was a great collection of new and old, with some spectacular Porsche models. Such as the Porsche 356, a slew of 928s, and some GT3 RS models. The local chapter of the Porsche Club of America brought out a great variety of models that had everyone talking.

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On any given Sunday, between 9 a.m. and well into the afternoon, car enthusiasts can find an eclectic gathering of grouped vehicles. On the day we dropped by, it was the All Porsche Show, but shows range from electric vehicles to pre-war survivors, classics with fenders to new rides with Fender stereo systems.

Issaquah’s location is the only Triple XXX Restaurant that has retained its original barrel styling, and only one other restaurant exists in Lafayette, Ind. The Issaquah location opened in 1968 and has kept its 50s style hamburgers, shakes, floats and eclectic feel that has made it unique.

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Burgers which, by the way, are phenomenal. Bring cash, though, as that’s all they take (ATM on site, too). The shakes are to die for; a perfect cold treat for an upcoming hot summer day with a car show.

During the same weekend, Mule Expedition Outfitters hosted an open house just across Front Street from the Triple XXX Burgers. It was all makes and models of off-roaders, including one Porsche as well!

Mule Expedition Outfitters sells anything you may need to go off-grid in your 4×4. Fill your campsite, fill your belly with camping treats, or fill your vehicle with the gear you’ll need to go off the beaten path.

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The parking lot was stuffed full of Toyota FJs, Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees, and Toyota Tacomas lifted to the sky and fitted with knobby tires.

Also participating in the event was Overland Coffee, ARB USA, Bigfoot Winch Ropes and Basecamp Adventure Rentals. Overland Coffee gave us a great jolt for the day’s pre-burger and shake entertainment.

So, fellow car enthusiasts, check out Issaquah if you’re looking for a car-filled weekend of fun (and delicious burgers).