Jeep Jamborees are organized off-road adventures held all over the United States and other countries. They are weekend getaways that celebrate the outdoors, folks that have common interests, and most importantly, the vehicles they use to get out there: their Jeeps.

Jeep Jamborees have been a long-standing tradition that dates back to 1953 when the primary organizer and pioneer, Mark A. Smith, organized the first of its kind across the Sierra Nevada’s via the old Rubicon Trail. A year later, the maker of Jeep vehicles at the time, Willys Motors, partnered with Mark and created the Jeep Jamboree that’s been a well anticipated tradition ever since. This organization has grown to include 700 staff and 50+ annual events within the US (as well as internationally).

Jeep Jamboree USA was founded in 1982 and currently boasts more than 30 gatherings all over the United States. From Crandon, Wisconsin to Bethel, Maine or Tillamook, Oregon to Llano, Texas; each Jamboree has something unique to offer. With mountains, forests, and sand dunes, the scenery amidst each event varies. You have lots of terrain and regions to choose from.

Be aware that popular treks like Moab/Sand Hollow, Ouray Colorado (currently in its 31st year), as well as Death Valley (which is held early November) fill up quickly so registering early is key. Jeep Jamboree adventures start early in the year, beginning of March to be exact, and are continuously held until beginning of November. It’s not unusual to see snow, sleet, and slush during the spring events, along with extreme heat, humidity, and storms during the summer and autumn months.

As with any off-road or remote trek, be prepared for any kind of weather. Elevation changes can affect your physical nature; unstable weather can challenge adventurers with quickly changing trails. Additionally, vehicle break-downs happen as well. But, rest assured that in addition to the tools you’ll have along, others will have tools too! Everyone is happy to help should you have any kind of issue. Folks who participate in the Jeep Jamboree circuit treat each other like family, a close-knit family who gets along well and watches out for one another.

Jeep Jamboree attendees are friendly, helpful, and genuine. No matter if you need to change a flat on the trail, have issues with motion sickness and need treatment on the fly, or have any other kind of issue, organizers, trail leaders, and other participants will get you up and running in no time. The Jeep community truly is one-of-a-kind, especially those attending and running the Jeep Jamborees. The adventure will be awesome, with the people even better. The memories will last you a lifetime.

Visit Jeep Jamboree USA’s site for an extensive schedule in map and list form, registration costs, what’s included in trips, trail ratings, and photo albums.

Available Jeep Jamboree USA events in the Western US:

  • 4th Tillamook
    Tillamook, OR
    June 7 – June 9
  • 17th Silver Valley 2018
    Mullan/Wallace, Idaho
    June 21 – 23
  • 10th Big Horn Mountains 2018
    Dayton, Wyoming
    August 16 – 18
  • Emigrant Trail Adventure 2018
    Reno, Nevada
    September 19 – 23
  • 26th Black Hills 2018
    Deadwood, South Dakota
    September 20 – 22



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