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Maserati of Kirkland offers leasing incentives

by Deanna Isaacs

Maserati is trying to woo Seattle-area drivers to lease a new car by offering deals on new 2015 vehicles.

Maserati of Kirkland, just outside Seattle, is offering new pricing incentives on all 2015 new model 42- or 39-month leases.

Models which can receive the incentive includes the 2015 Maserati GranTurismo the Quattroporte, Ghibli and Ghibli SQ4.

According to Maserati, each model offers different levels of luxuriant and upscale interiors, impeccable styling, and impressive powerhouses.

For those interested in the offer, Maserati of Kirkland has an extensive library of information on each model and are more than eager to inform interested buyers of what each model holds. Information can also be found at their website, www.maseratiofkirkland.com.

To set up an appointment, please contact Maserati of Kirkland directly on their website or by phone at 866-596-8837.

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