It’s no secret that when it’s time to hurry up and get to the holiday party, that’s when traffic is the worst. Here’s a quick guide to traveling in the Puget Sound this holiday weekend.

1) Early bird gets the worm
The earlier you leave the less people will be on the road, no matter which day it is, and doubly so on Memorial Day. It’s a holiday, so not as many people are as keen to wake up early to get somewhere.

Credit: WSDOT

2) Congestion? In Seattle? Nah…
With congestion already bad in the city, and everyone trying to get out or around within it on Memorial Day, it’s a great idea to leave plenty of time between the time you leave and the time the event starts.

3) Longer lines
With the heavier holiday traffic, it comes as no surprise that the ferries in the area will be more congested, too. Not only will the ferry lines be longer, but so will lines crossing the Canadian border. Be patient, we all have the same waits.

4) Plan your route
The WSDOT offers many helpful tools for drivers to use this Memorial Day. Some of the busiest highways include Highway 2, Interstate 90 and I-5 between Tacoma and Olympia. Either plan to navigate traffic, or use your navigation (skills or car app) to get you off the highways.

It’s sad when drivers must be reminded to drive unimpaired, when people must be reminded of the costs of driving while drunk or high, however, this is the state of the world. So, no matter what: <b> Don’t drive under the influence </b>.

For highway alerts, don’t forget to tune radios into AM channel 520 or 1610.