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Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires. Credit: AlaskaMan,
Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires. Credit: AlaskaMan,

Spring is in the air and that means its time to remove studded tires. The Washington State Department of Transportation is warning drivers that studded tires must be off their vehicles no later than March 31 or face a fine.

Starting April 1, traffic infractions costing $125 will be given to drivers found to be using studded tires.

During the winter time, studded tires are allowed for extra grip in ice and snow, however they are banned during the summer months as the studs damage roadways when there’s no ice and snow.

Studs can wear out the roads quicker, but taking studded tires off as soon as it’s understood there will be no more ice or snow can help extend the life of the roadways.

WSDOT has crews that monitor the roads and passes, and will work to clear any late season snow or ice. Drivers are urged to check the road conditions on the passes before heading out.

While both Washington and Oregon share the same studded tire removal, other states may have different deadlines.

For more information about studded tires, please visit Washington State Patrols’ ‘Traction Device’ page,

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