Please don’t mind the messiness – I’m currently revamping my site to better suite my goals and current, steady publications.

I’m also trying out a new look! (If you hadn’t seen the old site, don’t worry about that part… But, Welcome!) The photo on top is one that I took at the UW Formula Motorsports 2013 Unveiling event, where the newly built cars were showcased and formally introduced (and where people got to get a very close view).

Notice that I’ve re-arranged some things, too. The Galleries section will include photos and videos I’ve taken. Autos & Adventures will highlight the two kinds of journalistic writing I’m trying to move into, and possibly bridging them together in new ways (Why IS a Miata a great car for unpaved, forest roads?).

I will also be badgering myself to really blog, not just the occasional update. Expect to see a wider arrange of content – such as article that include videos and photos. I will be putting up items that haven’t been formally published, but have found to be good stories anyways.

Thanks for staying tuned!