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Super Bowl LI Car Advertisements

The best part of the Super Bowl isn’t the actual game, it’s the advertisements. Here’s some of our favorite car-themed ads from The Big Game.


Each year, millions of people stare at their TVs for the hours of Super Bowl while millions more head to YouTube the day after to watch the plethora of great advertisements produced for The Big Game. The latter includes those of us at The Auto Reporter.

First Place: Hyundai & Michelin Live-Broadcast ad

This is the winner. Right here. Hats off to Hyundai and Michelin for remembering those who can’t watch the Super Bowl with family or friends. This made me want to cry. It struck a cord, as Robert and I are both former Navy sailors (and his deployments have been extended… yay surf and turf dinners). I’ve got to go dry my eyes and blow my nose now…

So, thank you Hyundai and Michelin. Thank you. This is literally the best Super Bowl Ad ever. Period. Everyone can go home now.


Second Place: Audi’s “Daughter”

Another hat’s off goes to Audi in this wonderful commercial. While it wasn’t the instant tear-jerker that Hyundai brought to the table, Audi has done wonderfully with this tribute to all women who strive to be equal. Bravo. #EqualWorkEqualPay



Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo came onto the field strong, with three advertisements for their upcoming Giulia lineup. Can you say “Yes, please!”… We did.

1: Dear Predictable

  1. Mozzafiato

  1. Riding Dragons


Buick Cascada

We have really liked Buick’s vehicles the last few years, as their revival continues. We test drove a Cascada for a brief but memorable period around Mt. Hood and chirped the tires (probably more times than anyone else that trip). Now, if only Buick put GS buttons in everything…


Ford Go Further

Definitely better, and we thank Ford for that. The upcoming Ford GT makes our spine tingle in anticipation, while the Ford Mustang GT 350 gives us goosebumps in remembrance.

1: Find your own way with Ford


2: Drive to your own Beat


Honda CR-V

Dear god, I hope these yearbook photos are real. 🙂


Kia Niro

Kia’s new Niro is the first SUV to be designed as all-EV first, and hybrid or gas-based powertrains after that. And the eco-friendly footprint goes well with this ad. Thank you for the good laugh Kia.


Lexus LC

Great choreography, but we wish there was less music and more engine noise. Those moves though!


Mercedes-Benz GT

Born to be wild, indeed. This ad certainly has our ‘Motor Runnin’!


Toyota Mirai

The only reason we dropped the Toyota Mirai ad to last is because we don’t get it in Washington. We’d love to, but the sad fact is there is little infrastructure for Hydrogen fuels outside of southern California. Hopefully, that will change.