Headphones while driving – not in Washington State!

Today’s driving tip comes to us courtesy of an Alaskan driver I saw tootling around Highway 522 late last month. I gave a quick beep and informed him that wearing headphones over both ears while driving was illegal in Washington. After the obligatory Navy-to-Marine question of: “Did you enjoy your Navy paycheck?”, I let him know […]

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Click it or Ticket campaign returns May 18 to 31

Every year, all levels of law enforcement within Washington State participate in the Click-it or Ticket campaign in order to ensure that all motorists are properly wearing their seat belts. This year the “Click it or Ticket” campaign returns May 18 to May 31, during which drivers can expect to see more patrols looking specifically for […]

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Lights Save Lives

Traffic safety is a huge issue and can be impacted by doing a few things that may seem like common sense or law, but may or may not surprise you in how often they are not followed. Drivers know that it’s important to turn on headlights or tail lights, but they still happen and more […]

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