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The Auto Reporter loves all holidays, mostly because of the presents, but also because of the way they bring family together. For this article’s purpose, though, let’s assume it really is about the presents – here’s The Auto Reporter‘s Holiday Wishlist. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help you figure out what to get for your gearhead.

All Expense Paid Vacation to Nurburg … for the ‘Ring

thUTLHP77HOf course, this would be a gift to do for the summer, but the presentation of said vacation would make a fine and dandy Holiday Huzzah. There would be pre-paid track time at the Nurburgring in the lowest cost cars (the trip is already going to be several thousand dollars, no need to be elitist), a sweet ride to drive around the town and countryside, and some great places for some brats and beer.

There’s nothing like a Driver’s License

DirtFish Rally SchoolYou know, a racing license. Whether it’s on the road at a track such as Pacific Raceways in Kent or off-road at the world renowned DirtFish Rally School. Not only would it make for great memories, but they’re also close to home! I love the sound thundering through the ribcage as race cars fly past at nearly unbelievable speeds – The Auto Reporter really wouldn’t mind getting in the driver’s seat of a real race car whether it was on- or off-road!

The Toyota S-FR on US Soil

toyota-sfr-conceptWe’d love to hear, this holiday season, a confirmation that the Toyota S-FR 2+2 sports car is heading towards American dealerships. This mid-front-engined, sleek-looking machine would be a wonderful addition to cars available in the US and be stiff competition for the likes of Mazda’s MX-5 and the Fiat 124. While we know it would take a little time to get this amazing 2+2 onto US shores, we’d be tickled to hear a confirmation.

EEEEE with YI (cameras)

Yi-Action-CamI got one for Hanukkah and, well, we should seriously have more – they’re seriously awesome. I mean one can cover only so much of a car. So our Holiday wish list includes several small Yi Action Cams and the suction cup accessories to stick them onto even the fastest of cars. Luckily, our first suction is on the way and I’ve got plenty of cool cars coming up. The better to entertain you with.

Of course, we’ll have to see if these items make it under the Christmas Tree or round the Hanukkah Menorah. Until then, keep an eye out at The Auto Reporter and you’ll never be bored!