Video games aren’t just for killing orcs with elves or heading out into the stars to battle aliens; some of the most popular games are racing games, or those that heavily feature automotive combat. With that in mind here’s The Auto Reporter’s coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) of 2015. Also, please forgive some of the lag, I’m writing and creating these outside my dayjob…so, yeah.

Here’s our live-tweets from the various press conferences today.

Created Tuesday, June 16.

Today, The Auto Reporter will be looking into the Ubisoft conference (yeah, I know I didn’t get to it last night…), Nintendo and SquareEnix. Stay tuned!

Created Monday, June 15.


So, this game isn’t about cars – I know this – but [expletive] if that Jeep-driving run down the mountain didn’t look amazing and amazingly fun.

I’m already a fan of Drake games, where you have been able to drive anything from trucks to jet-skis, but this Jeep segment had a lot going for it. Did you notice the gas can sliding around during cornering? Did you notice the bounce and shadows on the spare tire? It looks great, but even better you’re excited and stressed from being chased around by a friggin’ tank!

So, while Uncharted isn’t strictly about cars, The Auto Reporter is looking forward to driving Drake’s Jeep through the town, on top of buildings and through dining guests.


Did you hear the turbo in the new Warthog?!? If you didn’t, hit up the video above and listen carefully around the 0:32 moment… Listen and hear the glory of a turbo-charged Warthog in Halo 5.

Yes, that’s right, there was turbo-spool in this Monday, June 15, and that makes The Auto Reporter extremely satisfied.

Credit: IGN,
Credit: IGN,

That’s because the Halo series has never been just about running around and laying bullets into the aliens of the Halo universe. It’s also been about doing that from vehicles. Whether the single-user Banshee or the multi-person Warthog.

I suppose this (and Forza 6) means that we’ll have to purchase an Xbox One in the near future…

Of course, if video games aren’t your thing, but you still want a Warthog, pick up this Halo-Themed Ford F-150!


This expected announcement from Microsoft showed the world not only the new Ford GT in-person (for those in attendance), but also showcased scenes from the newest version of the Forza franchise.

Originally created to compete with Playstation’s popular Gran Turismo series, Forza 6 will surely delight automotively-inclined gamers with spectacular visuals, a plethora of tracks and, of course, the ability to fully customize your wheels.


The Need for Speed franchise has never been one to disappoint and, with the newest incarnation’s unveiling, I’m looking forward to spending some time on the streets. Need for Speed will allow for fully customizable cars (no surprise).

What is a surprise is the openness of the new Need for Speed world. I like driving an open world in real life, so its pretty safe to assume I’ll like it in game (Hint: this is one of the best things to do in a little game called GTA-V, so it’s a proven idea… driving around to find action is fun!)

Combine their ideology of completely fun, completely customizable and their graphics – Need for Speed is sure to be a must have.

Created Sunday, June 14.



On Sunday, we all got a new look at Fallout 4 and, while this game doesn’t usually have auto that you can drive, it has always had a unique collection of cars rotting and rusting by the side of the road or hiding that next bit of treasure or screwws needed to finish off the Rock-it Launcher.

The only thing missing from the game has always been the ability to drive the cars through the Fallout realm, but in the months until it’s release in November 2015, much can be announced.

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Games we’re looking forward to hearing about: Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect, Star Wars KOTOR and more!