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When the news that Jeremy Clarkson had been fired from Top Gear (TG), and with the other James May and Richard Hammond declining to renew their contracts, fans were sure that the show they knew and loved was about to come to an end.

And, yes, it has; especially with the news that Chris Evans will be the new host of Top Gear on the BBC UK.

Clarkson broke the bombshell in an interview The Sunday Times, which published June 19. The new show is expected to be announced within the next few weeks, most likely on Netflix.

Credit: Tony Harrison,
Credit: Tony Harrison,

The final episode of TG, which Clarkson had to dub to finalize, is scheduled to air on BBC2 in the UK on June 28, with hopeful airing in the US sometime soon thereafter.

So, Top Gear (maybe we should be calling it Original or Old Top Gear – OTG for short) OTG fans, you will soon be able to enjoy more of the what made Top Gear the most watched show on BBC for more than a decade. To view the new seasons, please visit Amazon.