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The Kia K900 is a luxury sedan aimed at the purchasers of BMW 7-series and Mercedes Benz S-Class. However, whether it has what it takes to lure drivers away from German-made and into Korean-made cars is another matter.

The K900 is a $59,500 4-door vehicle that begs to be driven around. The backseat has such ample leg- and head-room that the K900 could host a little league game.

The driver’s seat has a 12- or 16-way power adjustable seat, with the ability to memorize at least 2 persons’ settings, meaning that drivers can find the ultimate comfort in seating positions with only the flick of a finger.

However, it doesn’t need two memorizations because you aren’t going to want to let anyone else drive it.

Unless the other driver is chauffeuring one around, then I can see it. Speaking of which: the big bonus comes from the back-seat ‘Chauffeur Switch’, allowing back-seat passenger-side rider the maximum in legroom and comfort.

A friend with children commented that this would be a terrible idea for whichever parent gets the passenger seat. However, front-seaters are able to turn off the ‘Chauffeur Switch’ so that kids in the back seat can’t meddle with the seating position. (Man, parents are no fun…)

Kia K900 (24 of 50)Even the back seats are fully adjustable, including in-seat heating, cooling and ventilation for all passengers.

No more fighting over who gets heated seats.

While the seating has luxury written large with the Nappa leather seats and real wood trim accents throughout the vehicle, its range isn’t. The powerful V8 is, like other V8’s, a gas hog.

The K900 has a EPA rated mileage of 15 in the city and 23 on the highway, with a combined rating of 18 MPGs. Though, it’s similar to the K900’s competitors.

No matter the MPGs, the engine sounds absolutely great when you put the pedal down.

The Kia K900 costs less than the average competitor, so there’s more pocket money for gas. More gas equals more going places, which is great because this is a terrific car to drive long distances. It’s like a couch.

Can you imagine driving around your recliner? The most comfortable thing in your house can be your car!

Kia K900 (50 of 50)To make matters worse (or better?), it has one of the smartest radar-assisted cruise controls I’ve used. From highway traffic to in the city, it the cruise works no matter what the traffic conditions are.

There may have been one hairy moment one car switched lanes before getting to a row of stopped cars, but that’s why these are called ‘driver assists’ instead of ‘automated driving’. Though the K900’s radar-assisted cruise control isn’t far off from an automated car. Its scary smart.

Up until it isn’t, so still pay attention when using any driver assists.

Other driver assists include a gentlemanly seat scoot when you turn on or off the car, to give you more legroom to get out if needed.
Though this car isn’t lacking in room or space. It’s enormous. At a total length of 200 inches its only 6 inches shorter than the aircraft carrier that was the ‘82 Oldsmobile Toronado.

However, for all its girth, you don’t feel it as much as you’d think while behind the wheel.

Kia K900 (43 of 50)The 360-degree cameras allow drivers to park the 200 inches of length anywhere you need to, or pull it back out again, without worrying if you have enough room. What may seem like a tight fit is a breeze with the cameras.

One could also use the cameras as a little bit of fun, but only up to 10 miles per hour, then they shut, thus ending the fun. (Boooo..)

Another way the Kia K900 helps ease drivers about it’s length, girth, and weight (a not-so insubstantial 4,555 lbs) is the ‘sport’ mode. When shifting the ECU over to “Sport” mode, the steering firms up and the computer seems to take gas pedal taps a little more seriously.

All in all, the Kia K900 has a lot going for it. Not only does it have many of the luxuriant options that made the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes S-Class desirable, but they do it for around $20,000 to $30,000 less than the aforementioned German sedans.

Now, whether or not those who purchase the Kia’s German competitors will come over to the Korean manufacturer, I don’t know. It’s my belief that many who purchase the Merc or BMW do so for the brand, regardless of the costs.

However, what I do believe is that the Kia K900 will give those who don’t buy for the luxury brand names a chance to get opulence at a better price.

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