On June 3, the iconic British car maker TVR announced that it was getting ready to return to producing their hand-crafted, classic two-seater sports cars.

newcarsigning_large“We know that a new TVR has to be better than just good – it has to be outstanding,” Said TVR Chairman, Les Edgar.

TVR has already announced collaborations with Gordon Murray Design, creators of Formula 1 cars and more, and Cosworth, a high-end and high-performance engineering firm known throughout the ranks of gearheads.

“From the outset we only wanted to work with the best partners in the business, and both Gordon Murray’s and Cosworth’s track records within motor sport and high performance car design and engineering speak for themselves. GMD and Cosworth are the perfect partners for TVR and together, we will deliver a truly exceptional new car.”

TVR_blue_gray1000The manufacturer, which has been around since the 1940’s, went dormant in 2006 after being sold to Nikolai Smolenski, a Russian investor. However, now it’s back in action and ready to roll – almost.

While more specific specs of the future TVR won’t be out until later in 2015, it is sure to stick to the tried and true TVR fashion using GMD’s design technology – a V-8 engine in the front (developed by Cosworth), rear wheeled drive and a manual shifter in the middle.

“We are proud to see Cosworth’s industry-leading engineering at the heart of the revived TVR brand,” said Cosworth Technical Director Bruce Wood. “Our team has been working closely with TVR and Gordon Murray Design to develop a powertrain solution that perfectly complements the exceptional performance characteristics of the new car. It’s an exciting project and one which well suits Cosworth’s engineering expertise.”

While these handbuilt machines may be hitting the roads before 2020, it probably won’t make it across the pond (Atlantic Ocean) as many of the smaller British car manufacturers don’t meet NTHSA safety requirements.

Maybe some of the “well-funded” enthusiasts supporting the return of TVR can help head out to the USA … doubtful, but this enthralled gearhead can always hope.

“Despite very deliberately maintaining a low profile since completing the acquisition of TVR two years ago, we have had an enormous amount of unsolicited interest from businesses, individuals and investors internationally,” Edgar said. “Such is the strength of the brand and the passion of its followers. It is a real privilege to be a part of the revival of a great British marque – one that will succeed through our single-minded desire to produce exceptional sports cars.”

Whether it’s in the US or only in Europe, the return of TVR is sure to delight car fans from around the globe.