Toyota Rav4 rally car heading to Rally America

On May 6, Toyota unveiled it’s newest RAV4 rally car meant for the 2015 Rally America’s 2WD-open class during the Monster Energy Supercross Championships in Las Vegas. The Rally RAV4 will be driven by Ryan Millen, who took top honors at the 2014 Baja 1000 in a Tundra TRD Pro, with navigator Christina Fate. “I’ve driven […]

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The Down & Dirty of Nameless Rally

A cacophony of engines echoing on the hills, muffled by trees. Blurry glimpses of speed whizzing past. Dirt-slinging drivers pushed their cars to the limits, billowing dust across the road, obscuring the track, the woods – the world. This is Nameless Rally. Derik Nelson and Adam Newell drove their 1999 BMW M3 (not pictured) into […]

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