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Two-fer Nissan TueZday – The 370Z brings the fun, anyday

by Deanna Isaacs

The Nissan 370Z is a rear-wheel drive sports car boasting 350hp from a 3.7L 6-cylinder and no matter the price tag, it’s worth it for the smile it gives on smile on any road.



Better yet, it comes with a real manual gearbox! If you don’t know how to drive one, yet, the 370Z is well worth having to learn how to balance the clutch, gas and shifter.

As the RPMs rise, the 370Z puts out a growl that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand straight. It’s bellow isn’t so great as the big-bad GT-R, but it’s satisfying all the same.

As it should be. In the few minutes I got to drive the 370Z, I quite wanted one. The roads between Woodinville and Bothell had low speeds, but good curves… Ok, I could have had above 35 mph, but you don’t have to be going a hundred to enjoy a ride.



Everything about the 370Z was designed to please the driver, which is great because it’s fun to be the driver of one.

The NISMO tech package spoils to the driver even more, though for a total cost of $46,835 (minus taxes).

With specially tuned engine, exhaust, suspension and a custom aerodynamics kit, the exterior of the 370Z NISMO is something special decked in Pearl White and growling for speed. 

The interior is no small dish either.



The Recaro seats hold you in while the Alcantara leather caresses the driver’s back (and passengers, if you care about them…). The steering wheel also boasts Alcantara leather, while the shift knob is only mere leather.

Of course, items other Z’s will have include the normal things real drivers don’t much care about. The audio system (you have an engine to listen to!), bluetooth connection for audio and phones and it boasts a 7-inch display for all the information to come through.

However, do yourself a favor: turn off the radio, turn off the display and find a nice curvy road to go down. If your passengers complain, drop them off at the nearest coffee house and pick them up on the way back, because the 370Z is too much fun not to head off onto the roads.

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