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Two-fer Nissan TueZday – The GT-R Experience

by Deanna Isaacs

No, it’s not a Z-Car, but it’s by the same maker – so bare with us here… Let me tell you of my GT-R experience. 

IMG_4278If you don’t already own one, then you really don’t know how good it feels to drive a Nissan GT-R; if you do own one, you still don’t know what it’s like to drive the $165,780 Nissan GT-R NISMO edition.

First off – Yes, youth in Blyth Park sitting on the picnic table; yes, it was THAT good.

DSC_0018Secondly – I really want one. But until I have the spare $165,000 I’ll settle for test driving. Driving the NISMO GT-R isn’t just glorious, it’s probably the closest thing to car-heaven that you’ll find this side of the pearly gates.

The GT-R’s 3.8L twin turbo’d V6 engine puts out a whopping 600hp and 481-lbft of torque, pushing you back in your seat like a fighter jet instead of a car.

The dual-clutch is switch and smooth through the flappy paddle system. Around some Woodinville corners, I was able to feel the double wishbone suspension keeping me absolutely flat, while Bilstien electronic shock absorbers took all the bumps and made them disappear.

IMG_4281When needing to brake, even from normal street speeds, the quick stop of the Brembos made my face feel like it was tearing off.

There’s only one problem.

IMG_4282It’s not as fun on normal roads as it’s smaller cousin, the Nissan 370Z.

The reduction in power, from 600hp to 350, means that the engine gets to stretch it’s legs a little on the backroads.

While driving from Woodinville to Bothell via E. Riverside Drive, the GT-R didn’t go above 2nd gear – it didn’t need to – but the 370Z was alive on the roads, giving the driver a kick. Not just a kick in the butt.

IMG_4277Not to say the GT-R isn’t fun. It’s unbelievably fun, and should be for the engineering prowess that Nissan puts into it and the price-tag said knowhow comes with.

The design that Nissan came up with is not only pleasing to the eyes, but begets the GTRs power and stature. It looks like a beast, but it doesn’t handle like one.

It’s glorious. And, for the price tag, it really better be.

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